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Assessing Your Home Energy Needs and Insulating Can Save You Up to 30% Off Your Utility Bills
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    We have the answer to future mold problems. We are offering a preventative mold treatment with the purchase of insulation for one low price.

    Our products are safe and effective. We do not use bleach or harmful chemicals.

    Pricing is easy to understand and applies to almost all scenarios. As always, estimates are free.

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    The Right Choice

    Our energy auditors are accredited by the Energy Audit Institute and the Energy Efficiency Association.

    We have two goals - 1. Save you money and 2. Help you do so by being eco-friendly.

  • January 28th, 2014 We are a small business and we believe that the hoopla over raising the minimum wage is, frankly, ridiculous. People need to live and more than that, they need live with a confidence that comes from at least the most basic of financial strength. I guess at the heart of it, we believe our company can make enough money to keep everyone happy, while at the same […]


    Due to the flooding in the Chicago suburban area, we are available to help you develop an action plan for the damage in your home. We will inspect your basement, crawlspace and other living areas for damage to insulation, sheetrock and determine the potential for mold at no cost to you.  Please call us with questions at 630-708-8920. We will provide estimates for insurance purposes. Please do not use bleach […]


    Save The Date! February 23rd at 6:30 PM, Green Home Care is proud to be a sponsor of the movie screening, “Tapped”. DO NOT MISS THIS event. Hundreds of Batavia residents will be there to have a great time, watch a documentary and enjoy popcorn and water (if you bring your own containers). Learn more on our Facebook page.


    Rebates are between $700 and $1,000 when you replace your furnace and central air conditioner! ComEd is increasing the Complete System Replacement (CSR) rebate to $350 for installations of central air conditioners with a > 14.5 SEER and $500 for installations of central air conditioners with a >16 SEER that are on the ENERGY STAR® Most Efficient List. These are the biggest rebates ever on the CSR Program, but they won’t be around for long. Act fast to get your customers the best […]


    To celebrate ThanksGreenMas (our fun Facebook daily promotion that ends on November 21, 2012), we are offering a special deal to the fans of the Natural Food List. If you live within our service area, you can save 50% on any home energy audit from Green Home Care Incorporated. Don’t delay! The event ends on the 21st of November


    Official Press Release October 31, 2012 Green Home Care Inc. Batavia, IL 60510 Disaster Relief Incentive Green Home Care Inc, a Batavia, IL based energy efficiency organization, is offering a free home energy audit at a value of $149 for anyone that donates $100 or more to any nationally recognized non-profit relief organization. Simply schedule the energy audit and show the receipt to our technician. If $100 is outside your […]


    The weather is changing and now is the the best time of the year to get an audit. Why is it the best time of the year to get an audit? Because you still have time to make improvements before it gets colder and costs you money. We will look for leaky ductwork, insulation problems, air-sealing issues, weatherization opportunities and so much more. All of these items can save you […]


    The following PowerPoint \ PDF presentation is taken from the Fox Valley Sustainability Group’s meetup on July 11, 2012. Keith Line from Green Home Care Inc. discussed ways to conserve energy at home and the impact of our actions on the type of energy we use. GreenHomeCareInc.com – Renewables and Home Energy Conservation - PPT Version GreenHomeCareInc.com – Renewables and Energy Conservation at Home - PDF Version Thank you


    Are you familiar with SparkEnergy? They offer Electric and Gas prices which may be lower than existing Nicor and ComEd rates. For example, in Batavia, IL there is a $75 rebate in the form of a Gift Card and it’s 49.90 cents per therm. We plan on doing some price comparisons, but for now, if you are interested and want to receive a good rebate, consider switching via this link […]


    Check out this fantastic video from Inhabitat that showcases just how good the Philips LED light bulbs can look AND save you money. While these bulbs seem expensive, they pay for themselves very quickly and last for a decade or more! Below is a link to purchase a 4-pk from Home Depot. This is a great way to live green! Philips 17-Watt (75W) LED Soft White A21 Light Bulb (4-Pack) […]

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