Working with Green Home Care Incorporated is easy. What follows is a step-by-step process for our service.

  1. Place your order. We accept credit card and do our best to keep all communication in an electronic format to reduce our physical impact on the environment.
  2. Provide us with a twelve-month utility bill history (reports are available at the utility company or city office and online via their respective websites) – Include fuel (gas, propane, etc) – Include electric – Include water \ sewer.
  3. Schedule an inspection date and time. We are flexible and can often provide inspection services to suit your individual needs.
  4. Energy audit inspections can typically take 1-2 hours and we encourage you to walk with us and let us know of any energy concerns that you may have. Telling us “that room is too cold” can help us figure out areas of improvement that suits your lifestyle.
  5. Ensure that we have access to all rooms. This includes the attic, crawlspace, basement and porches.
  6. We write down a lot of notes and take many pictures.
  7. We like to ask you what you call a particular room, as it helps you better understand the report.
  8. We will inspect all windows, doors, vents, heating sources, computers, lights and more. If it’s plugged in, we will ask about it. If it heats or cools your home, we will ask about it.
  9. After the inspection, we will gather the information, finalize our notes, calculate your potential savings and provide you with our report. When possible, we will bring it to you and go over in-person. If you are not available, we will send it in the mail or via email if that is what you prefer.

Our reports are worthy of being left out and not tucked away in a closet. Share it with your friends. Get their input. Share your knowledge. We welcome it. Order your annual energy report today.