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Assessing Your Home Energy Needs and Insulating Can Save You Up to 30% Off Your Utility Bills
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    Mold Treatments

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    Thumbtack Best Pro of 2015

    We provide testing through a third-party independent laboratory and our mold tests include a free mold assessment of your property.

    We have straightforward pricing and we never sell you anything that we don't truly believe you need. It's important that we treat you in the same way that we want to be treated - fairly and affordably.

    We try to get to the heart of any issues that we find. Was there a water leak? Is there a condensation problem from lack of insulation? There are many scenarios that can cause mold to grow and we try to figure out what's happening.

  • We Are
    The Right Choice

    Our energy auditors are accredited by the Energy Audit Institute and the Energy Efficiency Association.

    We have two goals - 1. Save you money and 2. Help you do so by being eco-friendly.

  • Keith was interviewed for his participation as one of the organizers in a local charity event, the Green Fair on The Fox. This is a link to the article at The Daily Herald. “The ultimate goal of the fair is to really inspire people to do things that are better for the environment and make their lives better, and ultimately save money doing that,” Line said.


    January 28th, 2014 We are a small business and we believe that the hoopla over raising the minimum wage is, frankly, ridiculous. People need to live and more than that, they need live with a confidence that comes from at least the most basic of financial strength. I guess at the heart of it, we believe our company can make enough money to keep everyone happy, while at the same…


    Save The Date! February 23rd at 6:30 PM, Green Home Care is proud to be a sponsor of the movie screening, “Tapped”. DO NOT MISS THIS event. Hundreds of Batavia residents will be there to have a great time, watch a documentary and enjoy popcorn and water (if you bring your own containers). Learn more on our Facebook page.


    Rebates are between $700 and $1,000 when you replace your furnace and central air conditioner! ComEd is increasing the Complete System Replacement (CSR) rebate to $350 for installations of central air conditioners with a > 14.5 SEER and $500 for installations of central air conditioners with a >16 SEER that are on the ENERGY STAR® Most Efficient List. These are the biggest rebates ever on the CSR Program, but they won’t be around for long. Act fast to get your customers the best…