Get a Preventative Mold Treatment AND Insulation for One Low Price or view information on our Mold Remediation services.

We have a solution to expensive mold remediation. For a limited time offer, we will apply a preventative mold treatment to your attic sheathing and framing that is safe and effective, prior to insulating and air-sealing. One easy to understand price.

R49 Insulation  + Air Sealing + Mold Spray 2.29 / sq ft
R30 Insulation + Air Sealing  + Mold Spray 1.99 / sq ft
R20 Insulation + Air Sealing  + Mold Spray 1.89 / sq ft

Fiberglass or cellulose – same price \ 500 sq ft minimum

+ free air-sealing
+ up to 10 vent baffles
+ attic hatch insulation
(up to r49 insulated board affixed to hatch)

DID YOU KNOW? the RECOMMENDED minimum attic r-value here is R49
Anything less means money and comfort are likely lost

$35 covers for non-ic rated fixtures
$.75 sq ft for radiant barrier
$50 installation of hatch insulation kits
nest® learning thermostat installation
* Some restrictions apply

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This spraying is preventative. If you currently have active mold growth or staining, please contact us and we will give you a free mold remediation estimate.