These days, it makes sense to understand how much it really costs to run a home’s utilities. Heating, cooling, lighting and water bills can add up quickly. Figuring out base and replacement costs is a daunting task to homeowners. What we do is inspect a home and identify potential money-wasters. We then utilize this information to figure out how much money can be saved by upgrading or changing things like appliances, lighting and more.

Our report makes it easy to prioritize efforts. What gives the biggest return on investment? What things can homeowners do without paying someone else? We spell this out in our energy audit report.

Learn about our service area and the step-by-step audit process.

We are insured through State Farm for liability and will be happy to share our policy information upon request.

We have energy auditors that are BPI (Building Performance Institute) certified for level 2 audits that include blower door and duct testing. We also have energy specialists that are certified by the Energy Audit Institute and the Energy Efficiency Association.  Our auditor will be proud to show you all certifications.

Our audits capture just about everything you need to save money on your utility bills at a reasonable price. Our audits can easily pay for themselves in a short period of time. There may be tax-breaks for getting the audit performed.