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BYOTH Insulation Event (Bring Your Own Tiny House) – February 21, 2015

What is the Bring Your Own Tiny House Insulation Event happening on February 21st*?

https://www.facebook.com/events/1547929085446180/?ref=48 has additional information

Here is how it works:

  1. You bring your tiny home to a central location in the Chicago suburban area
  2. We will do a demonstration and discussion on energy efficiency, air-sealing and insulation
  3. We then insulate everyone’s Tiny House at much cheaper rate since everyone is coming together!

Green Home Care Incorporated will provide the people-power, equipment and knowledge to insulate your tiny homes!

Your tiny house should be fully framed and exterior sided, rough mechanicals, electrical, etc should be in place. Studs should be exposed, rafters should be exposed. Basically, have it at the point where your next step is putting up the walls.

Wall insulation, will be provided using BIBS® by a certified installer, which is an eco-friendly solution that is not toxic.

Air-sealing will be done primarily with EcoSeal®, which is an elastomeric non-toxic sealant.

Spot foam and caulk \ fireblock will be used where necessary.

Pricing: $250 reserves the spot payable via credit card \ paypal and does go toward your insulation installation. Contact us and we will send you the link or call at (630) 635-8570

  • 2×4 Wall and Ceiling Insulation AND Air-Sealing: Normally $1.99 Sq Ft+Air-Sealing will be only $1.69 sq ft
  • 2×6 Wall and Ceiling Insulation AND Air-Sealing: Normally $2.29 Sq Ft+Air-Sealing will be only $1.99 sq ft
  • Other sizes? Contact us and we will figure it out.

This includes miscellaneous items such as the blanket material, staples and incidentals.

Spray foam and fireblocking will have a per-item charge.

Additional days may be made available in the future, so like our page and contact us and we will discuss internally.

The reservation is non-refundable. This will help us organize, pay for the large area required, pre-order materials, etc.

Square footage is not the overall square footage of your home. It is the square footage of insulation installed.

* Depending on the amount of attendees, we may need to have multiple dates and weather-dates may need to be in place. Be flexible, please. Things may change – a lot.

We will NOT insulate homes that have mechanical issues or are not built to proper specs. However, we will help you if you have questions on doing so. Seriously, let us help make your home a healthy and happy place.

See what it’s like at http://www.greenhomecareinc.com/tiny-houses