BIBS® (or Blow-In-Blanket®) is an insulation system that has been placed in over 3 million homes and has been available on the market for over 25 years. BIBS® allows for a high R-Value at an affordable cost. BIBS® installations are provided only by certified contractors.

Watch a video of BIBS® being installed here.

Green Home Care Inc. is proud to be a certified BIBS® contractor.

BIBS® creates a seamless insulation that custom fits to any size or shape of cavity. This allows for a uniform R-Value in the entire space. It controls air infiltration. It eliminates settling.

Some companies will simply blow insulation into a netting, but there is only one true Blow-In-Blanket® system. Only qualified installers can use the name. Only qualified installers can use the product that has received millions of dollars of research and development and the test of time. Green Home Care Inc. is a qualified installer.

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The Blow-In-Blanket® System (BIBS) can be used in any sized stud wall, ceilings, cathedral ceiling – wherever standard batts and spray foam are used.

Achieve an R23 in a standard 2×6 wall! This is unparalleled.

Setup an appointment to learn more about BIBS® in your new or revamped home by calling (630) 635-8570.

Blow-In-Blanket® System meets the following  federal Standards:

  • HH-1-1030B section 4.4.5 • H-1-515D • ASTM E-162 • ASTM C-533
  • ASTM E-736 • ASTM C-518-76
  • National Building Code of Canada (NBC) article
  • The Blow-In Blanket® system has been evaluated and accepted by the  following government agencies: – HUD-FHA, Super Good Cents Program, U.S. Dept.

Download a PDF from the BIBS® Manufacturers.

Green Home Care Incorporated is a Blow-In-Blanket® contractor in Batavia, Illinois. We service most of the Chicago, IL area.