Spray foam is typically very expensive and has limitations. Blow-In-Blanket® is a great alternative, and surpasses other insulation options on many levels. Green Home Care Incorporated is a certified BIBS® Contractor.

Contact us today to save money with Blow-In-Blanket® Insulation and meet the 2012 Energy Conservation Codes on your new home or home remodel.

Desirable Features Fiberglass Batts Wet Sprayed Cellulose Closed Cell Foam Open Cell Foam Blow-In-Blanket®
Perfect Fit – Every Time X
Air Barrier – Not Required X
Will Not Permit Convection X X X X
Impermeable to Moisture X
Performance Stability X X
No Framing Distortion X X X
Will Not Wick or Absorb Water X X
No CFC’s or HCFC’s Used X X X X
Will Not Settle or Sag X X X
Will Not Support Combustion X X
Does Not Shrink X X X
Does Not Require Dry-Time X X X
Easy To Remove X X X
No Food Value For Termites X X X X
No Harmful Emissions X X X
No Horizontal Sagging X X X
Closed Cavity Injectable X
Total Score 10 5 8 7 16